Administration Upgrades

Upgrade work has recently be completed on the authentication and administration services of This upgrade work will allow easier maintenance of the administration database, as well as provide a simpler interface for individual brigade and domain administrators to administer email accounts.

The new admin interface can be found at Existing admin usernames and passwords should work, although if administrators have issues accessing the system, please contact us.

Users are able to maintain their own accounts through the User Admin interface, located at Through this interface users will be able to change their password. Additional features will be added in the future.

In addition to the administration upgrades, the webmail system has been upgraded to the latest version of the RoundCube software. New features include the ability of users to reset their password from within the interface.

Some users of the webmail system may find their address-books are missing. These should be imported from the old system shortly.

If users or domain and brigade administrators come across any issues with the new system they are encouraged to contact us.