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Administration Upgrades

Upgrade work has recently be completed on the authentication and administration services of This upgrade work will allow easier maintenance of the administration database, as well as provide a simpler interface for individual brigade and domain administrators to administer email accounts.

The new admin interface can be found at Existing admin usernames and passwords should work, although if administrators have issues accessing the system, please contact us.

Users are able to maintain their own accounts through the User Admin interface, located at Through this interface users will be able to change their password. Additional features will be added in the future.

In addition to the administration upgrades, the webmail system has been upgraded to the latest version of the RoundCube software. New features include the ability of users to reset their password from within the interface.

Some users of the webmail system may find their address-books are missing. These should be imported from the old system shortly.

If users or domain and brigade administrators come across any issues with the new system they are encouraged to contact us.

Mail Stability Improvements

Recently the IMAP email service has suffered from periodic instability, including total loss of service to users.

Active monitoring of the IMAP service, as well as all other services provided or used by the servers, as been setup. This will improve the fault tolerance and system availability of the email and other services.

If you have any questions regarding the email service, or anything else that may be able to do for you brigade, please contact us.

Scheduled Maintenance - 24/05/2009

The provider hosting the mail server has notified us of a scheduled maintenance, expected this weekend.

During the maintenance, mail services will be unavailable. This includes, smtp, imap and webmail, as well as the mailing lists.

The maintenance is scheduled to start at 07:00, 24/05/2009 and is expected to be completed by 11:00 the same day.

If you have any questions, please contact Adrian.

Upgrade Successful

Tonight's system upgrade has been completed successfully. The mail server side of is now running Debian Lenny. Additionally, some configuration packaging was performed. This will make deploying new mail servers a trivial process in the future. The webmail system was also upgraded to the latest stable release of RoundCube.

Focus will now switch to upgrading and reimplementing the mailing list system.

If you come across any issues with the email services, please contact us.

Minor Outage tonight

There will be a minor outage the email system tonight, while upgrade work is performed.

This work will allow some extra features to be enabled for users as well as simplify the administration interface.

The work is expected to go ahead around 00:00 tonight. More information will be posted here at the completion of the work.

Bushfire Chiefs' Accounts is proud to announce the availability of email accounts specifically for Bushfire Chiefs and Deputy Bushfire Chiefs. These accounts will be hosted on the newly created "" domain.

As most Chiefs and Deputies are not directly associated with a brigade, it was decided that the normal <officer>@<brigade> address format should be modified to better describe the regional role these officers play. The new format will be <region><chief|deputy>, for example

Chiefs and Deputies interested in finding out more about these accounts, or obtaining one themselves, should contact

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